Amazed and Confused

So, tomorrow I am off to a Doctor of Social Science residence at Royal Roads University. I’m thrilled and confused all at once. Why? Because although I teach in the MA in Leadership program, I have intentionally taken a different path in my learning and I find myself gobsmacked with possibility and curiosity. My depth in the field of leadership and systems thinking now seems almost a unidisciplinary approach to a transdisciplinary concept. The moment I stepped into the research literature related to sociology and globalization, I knew I was hooked on academic caffein.

I say that I am awash in the sense that the call for leadership never seemed louder than it does at the scale of globalization: not because of the severity and morality associated with an interpersonal nuance, need or issue, but because of the complexity and scale of exploitation.  The big bell sounded in my head when I saw the difference between internationalization and globalization. We’re talking a complete re-distribution of the system of value creation and production never before seen in history. Add to this that we have absolutely no predictive ability to anticipate the consequence of transnational capital migration and emergence of a transnational capitalist class and we’re in for one wild ride, maybe or maybe not in our lifetime.

My area of research interest has morphed into the application of complexity science to a model for global leadership. Tall order? You bet. Am I up for it? What do you think?

It seems like so long ago when Dad was congratulating me on finishing as top student on my Junior Leadership Course when attached to 1PPCLI in Calgary back in the day: Onward and upward. Nose to the grindstone.

Stay tuned race fans.