Re-starting that which stopped.

Have to do this. It’s time to start moving ahead on my dissertation defence proposal. The hours are accumulating and I need to manage my info, effort and reflexive processes. It’s about time, n’est pas?

I am frustrated with the paucity of data on my topic area. Seriously – after hours and hours of pouring through database raw sources, I am coming up empty. For a major assignment I have zero source-data on my topic but I suppose that’s also a good thing: it’s an opportunity to innovate. Thankfully, my quantitative methods prof is supportive and I am able to conduct a lit review and create a survey for a major assignment in this, my last course!

I think I’ll try to create an online survey (ok – authentication issues are problematic), pilot it and see if it can inform my approach to the dissertation topic which will be based on a mixed-methods research design.

Stay tuned race fans.

Phil – from the land of fuzziness.